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Trademarks and Trade Dress

Entralta understands the critical importance of associating a client’s products and goodwill with a unique identity and brand because it establishes a key interface with their customers. Between increasing globalization and instant access to online information, a world-wide trademark and trade dress portfolio can become your most valuable IP asset because it ensures brand equity and protection which is critical to market access and position.

We have a deep understanding of global trademark issues and can work closely with you to establish comprehensive strategies in the areas of trademarks, service marks, certification marks, collective membership marks, trade dress, unfair competition, false advertising, and internet domain names. Our attorneys have significant experience in identifying and commercializing trademark rights, conducting global searches, devising and implementing cost-effective strategies to register marks within the U.S. and abroad, managing worldwide trademark portfolios, and overseeing both domestic and international protection and enforcement of valuable trademark rights against infringement, misappropriation, deceptive trade practices, and counterfeiting. In conjunction with those efforts, we can also work with you to identify, track, and seize counterfeit products and thereby stop importation and prevent sales of infringing goods. We can also assist you in the context of IP due diligence audits required for sale, acquisition, and securitization purposes. In addition, we have a highly experienced docketing and foreign filing support staff possessing in-depth knowledge of administrative procedures for trademark procurement and enforcement worldwide. Lastly, we have cultivated a strong network of foreign trademark attorneys and agents worldwide who share our goal of providing our clients with personalized and seamless strategies for building and managing their trademark portfolio in a cost-effective manner.

Our attorneys handle a wide range of trademark-related services including:

  • Developing branding strategies to align with business goals of our clients

  • Conducting domestic and foreign trademark searches and clearances

  • Conducting trademark landscape, due diligence, and freedom to operate analyses

  • Preparing and prosecuting U.S. federal trademark and trade dress applications

  • Conducting opposition and cancellation proceedings before the TTAB

  • Managing and monitoring prosecution, opposition, and cancellation proceedings of all international and foreign patent applications

  • Managing global trademark portfolio development and commercialization

  • Performing trademark validity and infringement studies

  • Auditing trademark portfolios

  • Resolving internet domain name disputes and seizures

  • Policing and enforcing trademark rights around the world and on the Internet

  • Seizing counterfeit goods

  • Negotiating and preparing trademark consent, co-existence, licensing, and other trademark-implicated agreements

  • Providing in-house educational training and seminars on trademark law and related matters

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