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Entralta understands each of our clients’ businesses and the competitive environments that confront them. Recognizing the importance of collaboration, we can work closely with you to develop strong and effective patent procurement strategies. A well-developed patent portfolio conveys a high degree of technical and commercial sophistication to potential investors, customers, competitors, and licensees. It also proves that you value investment in research and development and are prepared to take appropriate steps to protect those investments. Our experience in managing patent portfolios from a global perspective provides both significant legal and competitive advantages and is a principal source of the value we bring to our clients.

We possess the skills, knowledge, and experience to effectively devise, orchestrate, execute, and build a strong patent portfolio which can protect your innovations. Our attorneys and patent agents have unparalleled patent expertise preparing and prosecuting patent applications in the U.S. and around the world. Having extensive technical experience in many diverse fields, our team effectively prosecutes patent applications, resulting in strong, enforceable patents. In addition, we have a highly experienced docketing and foreign filing support staff possessing in-depth knowledge of administrative procedures for patents worldwide. Lastly, we have cultivated a strong network of foreign patent attorneys and agents worldwide who share our goal of providing our clients with personalized and seamless strategies for building and managing their patent portfolios in a cost-effective manner.

Entralta will take a litigation and licensing perspective to your patent prosecution and employ a process called Proactively Executed Prosecution (“PEP”) that not only streamlines the patent prosecution process, but typically also obtains stronger and broader patent coverage worldwide for less money than a general practice or patent firm would charge, whether small or large.

Our attorneys handle a wide range of patent-related services including:

  • Developing patent procurement strategies to align with business goals of our clients

  • Conducting patent landscape, due diligence, and freedom to operate analyses

  • Preparing and prosecuting U.S. utility and design patent applications

  • Managing and monitoring prosecution and oppositions of all international and foreign patent applications

  • Conducting administrative trials, appeals, petitions, protest appeals, and reissues with the USPTO

  • Performing validity, patentability, and infringement studies

  • Auditing patent portfolios

  • Managing global patent portfolio development and commercialization

  • Advising on patent life-cycle management

  • Negotiating and preparing of licensing, assignment, and other patent-implicated agreements

  • Managing intellectual property litigation and enforcement costs

  • Providing in-house educational training and seminars on patent law and related matters

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