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IP Licensing and Other Transactional Agreements

Entralta understands the many ways IP assets can be monetized or otherwise leveraged in today’s evolving marketplace to further a client’s business strategies and objectives. The development, acquisition, transfer, and exploitation of technology and IP assets through commercial transactions is a vital component to the success of any business.

We can work with you to resolve the intricate issues that coincide with IP transactional agreements in order to design a pragmatic and tailored agreement that meets your business needs and goals. Our attorneys have extensive experience in negotiating and drafting domestic and international agreements that provide innovative and practical solutions that can be implemented and enforced. We can work with you to craft clear and concise agreements that implement your priorities, minimize unallocated risks, and account for changing circumstances. Our attorneys have negotiated and prepared a variety of complex agreements, including commercial transactions, licensing (both in-bound and out-bound), strategic alliances, joint development and ventures, pooling arrangements, confidentiality, and other vehicles covering the acquisition, merger, disposition, commercialization, enforcement, or otherwise monetizing or leveraging of IP assets.

Our attorneys handle a wide range of transactional-related services including:

  • Negotiating and preparing agreements to acquire, protect, and license IP assets and technology

  • Negotiating and preparing agreements regarding confidentiality, non-disclosure, material transfer, supply, research and development collaborations, joint ventures, and strategic alliances

  • Reviewing licensing, merger, acquisition, and other corporate agreements including IP representation and warranty provisions, indemnity clauses, and non-compete clauses

  • Performing due diligence of IP assets and related agreements in connection with auditing, licensing, acquisition, stock transfers, and mergers

  • Advising on agreement disputes, including conducting mediation and arbitration, and brokering settlement contracts

  • Counseling on employee agreements and policy considerations related to IP and governmental regulations

  • Providing strategic counseling and management of out-licensing efforts to generate revenue and otherwise leverage IP assets

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