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Trade Secrets and Confidential Information

Entralta understands that protecting confidential business and technical information is critical to the success and competitive advantage of any business. In addition, we recognize the interplay between patent, trademark, copyright, and trade secret protection, and appreciate the need to balance the advantages and disadvantages of seeking each type of protection.

Entralta handles all aspects of trade secret protection and we can work closely with you to maximize the protection of all valuable, competitively sensitive information and avoid the pitfalls of an inadvertent loss or intentional misappropriation of such trade secret information. Our attorneys can design practical solutions that identify information providing a competitive advantage, implement internal safeguards to protect trade secrets and other confidential information, shield proprietary information and know-how through agreements, defend you against allegations of trade secret theft, and police and confront the unauthorized transfer of your trade secrets.

Our attorneys handle a wide range of trade secret-related services including:

  • Developing and implementing confidentiality procedures, security measures, protection policies, and other internal procedures designed to keep proprietary information “secret” around the world, taking into account the different standards of individual countries

  • Advising clients of their rights and obligations when receiving confidential information from others

  • Advising clients of their rights and obligations when losing/hiring employees to/from competitors to maximize protection of clients’ assets and minimize and avoid potential liability

  • Negotiating and preparing licensing, non-disclosure, material transfer, employment, consulting, manufacturing, and other trade secret-implicated agreements

  • Evaluating and transferring trade secrets through mergers and acquisitions

  • Resolving disputes involving trade secret misappropriation, unfair competition, corporate espionage, non-solicitation, and non-competition agreements

  • Policing and enforcing, through litigation, rights associated with trade secrets and other confidential information

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