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Entralta is an intellectual property management company driven to bring the highest quality work to its clients by focusing on each client’s needs. We view our clients as partners whose success is our chief aim. 




Entralta understands that you want a firm that treats you like a partner and does not just view you as a client with a pocketbook. At the same time, Entralta understands that you want a firm that will avidly work to obtain the best result for its clients, in the shortest period of time, for the most reasonable price. That is what we will do for you and your organization.

As a start, we understand that worldwide procurement and protection of intellectual property is a competitive cornerstone in today’s marketplace. Whether an entrepreneurial start-up founded on a new innovation, a research institute or university holding a diverse array of discoveries, or a multinational corporation possessing a worldwide IP portfolio, we will seamlessly work with you to protect your valuable IP assets in a manner that aligns with your specific commercial objectives. Our highly-regarded, interdisciplinary team of IP attorneys skillfully apply their extensive legal knowledge, insightful technical experience, and sharp business acumen to help you strategically create, develop, manage, and benefit from your IP assets.

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Our Vision and Values

Entralta is an intellectual property management company driven to bring the highest quality work to its clients by focusing on each client’s needs. We view our clients as partners whose success is our chief aim. We take the time to learn your business needs and goals and then ensure that your IP portfolio protects not only your specific business or invention, but all other possible uses of your technology as well, in order to keep your competition at bay while also creating potential licensing opportunities in areas where your company will not operate. We will continually endeavor to provide you with the best service, the best representation, and the best results in a reasonable, timely, and cost-effective manner.

Practice Areas

Entralta is a full-service firm with professionals that provide legal and other assistance in many different areas including but not limited to: 1) procuring, leveraging, and enforcing your patents, trademarks, trade dress, copyrights, trade secrets, as well as other IP assets; 2) advising, negotiating, and shepherding on your behalf the sale, acquisition, merger, enforcement, and licensing of your or a third party’s IP assets; and 3) performing, evaluating, and counselling you regarding due diligence, IP portfolio evaluation, IP valuation, and infringement and validity opinions regarding your or a third party’s IP.

Flexible Pricing Plans

Entralta provides several flexible pricing plans to ensure that our clients are able to obtain the quality work they expect at a price they can afford. Our flexible pricing plans offer several options on how to pay for the work you might require, including:

  • Payment by the Hour: For clients who want to pay for their projects based on the number of hours worked, we offer very reasonable hourly rates that are a fraction of those charged by other law firms.

  • Payment by the Project: For clients who want a more defined payment structure, we will provide a budget for any work conducted prior to starting and will guarantee that the cost for the work will never exceed the agreed-upon budget.

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  • Monthly Retainers: For our larger clients, we offer yearly retainer agreements where, for a fixed monthly fee, we perform all work and services covered by the agreement.

  • Payment Partially or Fully with Equity in Your Company: For clients who desire, we will discuss the possibility of payment for any services provided with an equity stake in the client through either a mix of cash and equity or, in certain situations, the payment of all services provided with equity.

No matter which payment plan you are interested in using, we will work with you to ensure that you obtain the highest quality work at a price you can afford.

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Free Evaluation of Your Legal Needs

Entralta offers a free, no commitment required evaluation of your legal needs – whether it is determining what intellectual property you or your organization possesses and how best to protect it, providing guidance on setting up your business or some ideas on how to proceed with a negotiation or a litigation concern, etc. Our evaluation will provide you with an idea of some of the solutions to your problems.

We also offer a free, no-commitment required evaluation of your current patent portfolio. Our evaluation will make an assessment of your ongoing patent prosecution efforts and provide feedback regarding its strengths and weaknesses, as well as offer recommendations on how to improve any deficiencies discovered or reduce the costs associated with your current patent strategy, and advise whether your patent portfolio is meeting your business needs and objectives.

You are free to take our evaluation and use it to guide your current efforts or allow us to implement our recommendations to help perfect your IP portfolio. Contact us now to set up your evaluation.

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Client Reviews

Entralta has been instrumental in working with us to manage our intellectual property.
The team at Entralta quickly understood our patent issues and made recommendations to improve the original filings. They are very responsive to our needs and thorough in their explanations. In addition to the patent filings, they have been helpful with other filings regarding trademarks and other aspects of our intellectual property.
The team at Entralta is business-oriented and understanding of the issues companies face with their IP. I would recommend Entralta to anyone seeking a highly competent team to assist them with their intellectual property needs.

EO, Nano Evaporative Technologies, Inc.

Three years on, and just 20 months from initial filing, I am delighted to be able to say the Entralta team has exceeded my expectations – not only have we received our US patent (as promised), but the process to arrive at this point has been as stress-free and painless as I imagine it ever could be. Their consistent optimism and can-do attitude has ensured that every issue has been faced head-on; with recommendations for a course of action always being imminently practical – and although always willing to listen to my opinions and concerns, their quiet confidence guarantees the best outcome.

CEO, ValiSeek Ltd (United Kingdom)

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